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PASRR Level II Requests

Acentra Health, formerly Kepro, has been completing PASRR Level II evaluations and determinations for the state of Florida for individuals with serious mental illness since 2007, and for individuals with intellectual disability and related conditions since 2016.

Acentra Health utilizes a multidisciplinary approach. Acentra's professional staff, which includes psychologists, nurses, social workers, and physicians, work together to evaluate the appropriateness of nursing facility placement and the need for specialized services for each individual referred for PASRR Level II evaluation and determination.

Acentra Health adheres to the federal and state regulations governing the PASRR process. The Level II evaluations are sensitive to each individual’s culture, language, ethnic origin, and means of communication.

When nursing home level of care is found to be needed, the program will work to ensure that the patient’s mental health needs, and any other disability needs, are met. This means providing recommendations on rehabilitative services or specialized services, and tracking the progress of the individual to ensure that their changing needs are continuously met.