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Federal and state regulations (42 CFR 483.100, et seq. and 59G-1.040, F.A.C.) require a PASRR Level I screening for each person going into a nursing facility. The screening determines whether a person has a possible serious mental illness (SMI), and/or intellectual disability or related condition (ID). A PASRR Level II review is then used to see if a person with SMI or ID needs nursing facility and/or specialized services. KEPRO contracts with AHCA to serve as the Florida PASRR Level I and Level II vendor for serious mental illness (SMI) and intellectual disability or related condition (ID/RC).

Beginning January 1, 2019, PASRR Level I screenings and Resident Reviews for significant change will be completed through KEPRO’s new online portal with instant results! KEPRO will also continue to process requests for PASRR Level II evaluations and determinations, when needed, via the online portal.

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