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PASRR Level II Education Materials

Federal and state regulations (42 CFR 483.100, et seq. and 59G-1.040, F.A.C.) require a PASRR Level I screening for each person going into a nursing facility. The screening determines whether a person has a possible serious mental illness (SMI), and/or intellectual disability or related condition (ID). A PASRR Level II review is then used to see if a person with SMI or ID needs nursing facility and/or specialized services. Kepro contracts with the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) to serve as the Florida PASRR Level I and Level II vendor for serious mental illness (SMI) and intellectual disability or related condition (ID/RC).

Requesting a Level II PASRR? Don’t forget to upload or fax the required documents to Kepro. For a list of the required documents, please click on Training Materials under Resources, and view our Frequently Asked Questions document for a full listing of all required documents.

To schedule an in-service training or one-on-one technical assistance for you or your team, please contact us at FLPASRRMIQuestions@kepro.com or at 866-880-4080 (option 1)