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New for Hospital and Nursing Home Administrators!

Beginning January 1, PASRR Level I screenings and Resident Reviews for significant change will be completed through KEPRO’s new online portal with instant results! KEPRO will also continue to process requests for PASRR Level II evaluations and determinations, when needed, via the online portal.

In order to use the portal, each nursing home and hospital should appoint one person to be the Administrator, or owner, of the provider portal account. The account Administrator is typically a supervisor as this user role holds the highest system permissions.

There can only be one Administrator per facility. The Administrator is able to create additional users. There are three types of users that can be created by Administrators: additional administrators, Level I screeners, and Level II requesters. 

To register as the Administrator of your facility, please click here to send us an email. Complete all of the requested information before sending the email. 

For any questions or information regarding upcoming trainings, please contact KEPRO at 866-880-4080 or by email at  

Individuals with a serious mental illness, intellectual disability, or a related condition have special protections under state and federal law to ensure that long-term services and supports are provided in the right setting to meet their needs. KEPRO contracts with the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) to provide Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) Level I and Level II services for the state of Florida.

KEPRO’s PASRR program provides protections that align with federal and state laws under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to ensure that anyone with a serious mental illness, intellectual disability or a related condition is served in the least restrictive setting. We partner with hospitals and nursing homes throughout the state of Florida to provide Level I screenings as well as Resident Reviews when there has been a significant change in a resident’s condition.  KEPRO provides an online portal to nursing facilities and hospitals that allows for simple and secure submissions; trainings to assist in users in their roles; and technical assistance with one-on-one sessions.